Testfootage from "Traum der Eisenbahn", 2021

Die Fledermaus  2020  mixed media  100x70 cm

Minor Elephant Hanging, 2020

Further Hangings

Holy Shit & 1000 Likes, 2020, mixed media

Leg Studies & Ashtray, 2020, mixed media

Vulcan Checking The Pussy, 2020, mixed media

The Innfight, 2019, mixed media, 160x200

Proletheus Adventures (jump´n´run selfportrait)  2019  wood, print  120x360cm

excerpt 1
excerpt 2

Schnittlauch mit Arschloch  2019  mixed media  size variable

The Great Nervosity  2019  mixed media  70x100 cm

The "kommt ein Mann in die Bar"  2019  mixed media  70x100 cm

Low Kick Study  2019  Fotoprint  120x150 cm

Der Hunt  2019  mixed media  50x70 cm

Anatomia Corporis Humani  2019  mixed media  50x70 cm (sitiing)


For Cardi B  2019  mixed media  120x80 cm

The Seven  2019  mixed media  80x120 cm

Chewing On Leitkultur  2019  mixed media  70x100 cm

Gobelin  2018  carpet, prints  250x150 cm

Blonde Things  2018  mixed media   50x70 cm

Mr. Shothead  2018  mixed media   40x30 cm

The Great Shooting  2018  mixed media  160x200 cm

The Great Schwanzvergleich  2018  mixed media   70x100 cm*

Doublefriedrich II  2018  print
Doublefriedrich I  2018  print


Bullet hitting blue, pink and white, bear and squirrel are vawing  2018  mixed media  40x50 cm

Nudemod  2018  mixed media   50x70 cm (Fotos: Wolfram Schmidt)

DIY  2018  mixed media   50x50 cm

Tablescape   2018   mixed media


* Fotos Christian Dümmler

Chlorophyll   2017   mixed media

Melon Stillife tigerized   2017   mixed media

Edition/Auflage: 500 pcs/Exemplare
Gefördert von der Lfa Förderbank Bayern, vom BBK Oberpfalz/Niederbayern,
mit freundlicher Unterstützung des A.K.T. Amberger Kunstverein e.V.  und des Kunsthotel Brunners

Text: Marie-Therese Feist
Repro & Layout: Christian Dümmler/Johann Sturcz

ISBN: 978-3-00-056634-9 


Lady Offshore  2017  CGI
Found Beauty  2016  foto
Schwimmerin  2017  CGI
Schwimmerin  2017  collage

Burda (The Valpinçon Bather)  2016  collage  180x90x25 cm

Horse With Broken Leg   2017   mixed meda  
30x40 cm*
Laughing Pyramid  2016  mixed media   40x30 cm *
Chocolate With Yellow Stain  2016  mixed media   70x100 cm*

Pink Figuration
Perspectival Thing On Triangular Table  2015    mixed media    130x150 cm
Tilted Soupsplash  2014  mixed media   60x80 cm* 


Laughing Laugh  2016  collage  120x220 cm
The Long Lion
1.8x100 cm
ed 48 pcs.
The Sitting Sits   2016  collage   25 x 25 cm
German Peak   2016  CGI
Crying Flag/Crying Leg  2016  print  21x58.6 cm 
Laughing Car/Laughing John   2017  collage  42x29.7 cm

The "Ceci n´est pas une pipe."  2017  print



  Exibition view with Katharina Claudia Dobner

Chair tigerized. 2017
prints, chair
 83x50x50 cm

 Turning Tiger 2017
 42x29.7 cm

Melon Tigerized  2017  foto

Exhibitions view Meloncuts
Small piece of happiness  2015  mixed media   30x40 cm
Meloncut Morand  2017  mixed media  35x40 cm*
 Melon Cut no2   2014  mixed media  35x50 cm


Things Left (Melon Martyrium)  2017  mixed media  150x120 cm*

Things Left  2017  prints  wood  frame 270x150x40 cm

And No Mule..   2016  A4 JPEG prints  3D print   size variable 

Barking Peaks  2016  CGI model
Gnu Mother & Calf  2017  CGI
Staring At Bumps  2017  mixed media 50x60cm
Gnus Peak  2016 
acrylics on print 
24x33 cm

 Peakspeaks  2017  mixed media  113x79 cm*
Cherry Tree  2009  A4 JPEG prints   90x50 cm

Orange Tree   2011  oil on canvas 100x50 cm
Dharuma   2010   A4 JPEG prints  100x60 cm
Hyacinth I   2013  mixed media  100x70 cm

Exhibition view with Renke Brandt   Black Hyacinth, sitting   2016   A4 JPEG prints  140x120 cm 

Cactus 2  2015   mixed media  45x35 cm


Crawling Carpet  2014   A4 JPEG prints  300x100 cm  

 White Drops  2013  A4 JPEG prints  
size variable      
Jumpin´Jorge   2016   cutted magazine    120x140 cm  
Adam & Eve  2009   A4 JPEG prints  
ca. 300x400 cm


Crow  2015  collage
                                                       Cuttings, Bitings, Barkings

Table  2016  collage

Great pixels (la gerbe - negatives)  2017   prints carpet  wood   100x145x40 cm    

 Study for sheets with dicks  2017   prints cutted   62x29,7 cm              

Horse Torsi   2014   mixed media   35x45 cm*           
The Great Biting  2014   mixed media   110x150 cm
Barkings   2017  mixed media  70x100cm
 Broken Zebra  2014   collage  21x29 cm
Bitten Antelope  2016  collage  21x30 cm

 Barking Knee  2016   collage  31x20,7 cm
Deer Leaving Shape Behind  2014  collage  31x21cm
Barking Gnus  2014   collage  30x21 cm 
 Face Cut    acrylics on paper  25x13 cm
Socket Face Cut   collage  21x15 cm
 Cutted Wave 2   2014   acrylics on paper    28x20 cm

++-  2016  collage  24,5x34 cm


Soups & Chocolates

Small Landscape With Subwoofer  2015   mixed media    40x30 cm*      
Twelve holes  2015 
mixed media 70x50 cm*  
Kicked Bathtub  2015  
mixed media  70 x 50 cm* 

  Big Soupsplash   2014   oil on canvas  120x150 cm